It’s Time to Take the Vote Away From Rich People

It’s not like they even need it.

This photo represents my frozen desolation from this past week.

Boy howdy, there is nothing like a deadly, weeklong freeze in your state of 30 mil to remind everyone that government — good or bad — only affects those who can’t afford to escape the clutches designed for everyone else.

The rich don’t need government, don’t like government, sabotage government given the wisp of a chance. Government is awkward cousin everyone avoids at the rich-people family reunions. They interact with it only because they have to for appearances.

So, it’s time to do rich people in America a favor, because — goodness knows — they need one. Let’s take the away their vote, allowing them to shed the shackles of a society that so ungratefully requests their presence at all the boring meetings. I say, Go! Be free! Live your lives untethered to obligation to resentful and jealous fellow countrymen! Go to The Maldives or Ibiza or whatever seasonal playground trend presents itself with the best lighting for your Rich Kids of Social Media selfies. We will look after the stores and stables and wares and poor, darlings. Go get that facial.

Texas froze this week. The poor, the old, the alone bore the brunt of the cold and onslaught of death, as they always do.

Prisons and jails filled with brown and black people (thousands not convicted of anything, mind you, just lacking the funds to pay a pesky thing called bail) had no heat, no water, no food, plumbing backed up. Unlivable conditions. Don’t worry, though. The private prison industry will continue to flourish from the regular provision of black bodies the rich have paid the government to deliver.

Brown children, having been stolen from their parents, sobbed from the brutal pain of suffering mortal conditions imprisoned in internment camps the U.S. government pays private industry to run.

Grocery stores emptied, trash piled high, pipes burst, internet/cell connections gone, hospitals without power and water and the ability to save people.

So many without the barest essentials to continue life, let alone the services that provide a functioning society. So many without the money to flee a state experiencing a fundamental failure of government. Another American story.

Our Texas statewide electeds are Republican and, unsurprisingly, were no where to be found. When they popped up, it was to lie on national TV, tweet the good works other people were doing to save lives, or to flee to the warmth and carefree existence of a resort in Mexico. They failed epically, unsparingly, in every capacity demanded of them. They don’t even want the job, so why are they there??

I once read somewhere that the brand of car caught running red lights the most was Mercedes. The rich have no need of traffic laws.

International resorts continue to experience remarkably good business because the rich have no need to follow restrictions amid a global pandemic. A lifetime of access to basic necessities and decent healthcare removes them from the list of most at-risk from a deadly virus.

Rich people get to live above flood plains, easily rebuild houses if they choose to stake their claim in a once-regulated burn zone. They send their children to schools where they will meet other children of wealthy people and build networks to dominate every industry, selling a fun little myth of bootstraps and hardwork as keys to the kingdom.

Rich people will pay lobbyists to avoid regulations faced by smaller businesses. They will set up tax-havens, loopholes, hire expensive lawyers to avoid paying for the access they enjoy to participate in a functioning society.

Government is about solutions, disaster and emergency management. Rich people can buy all those things for themselves already.

Rich people build walls — between them and the poor, them and the sick, them and the middle class. Front-line workers. First responders. Educators. Healthcare workers. They use government for one purpose: to escape.

So, let them go.

Leave the government to everyone else. We have plans. We have designs on college debt, predatory credit industries, on climate change, food security, housing availability, homelessness, healthcare access. All our problems are solvable! We have ideas and capability and can-do for a more equal, just, responsible government.

There’s only one thing standing in the way: the rich. The true takers. The real leeches.

If you don’t need government, you shouldn’t get to participate in it.

Take away their vote. They don’t pay taxes, anyway.

**I write this as someone who never lost power once during the freeze. We did what we could to conserve power while trying to protect our pipes from bursting. We were so fortunate this time in ways we have not been in the past and, for that, I am unendingly grateful. I know many, many, many who had it much worse than my family. We need to fix this. We need to fix it now.

Completely inappropriate Suburban Mom in Dallas, TX reclaiming her political power and sass after a decade in the Gulags of baby-raising. Cheers.

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