Divided America? Yes, please.

I’ll take tickets for a family of five.

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

I tell you what, if I never have to hear the words “America is more divided than ever,” I will die happy.

You know why? Good. I’m glad it’s more divided than ever. It should be.

Now, everything I have to say is my own opinion and anecdotal and I am not a good resource because I am busy momming and don’t have have time to research and provide valuable insights from reputable sources and studies.

This a front-porch, neighbor-to-neighbor discussion in which you and I may or may not have beverages and I periodically break off to yell at the kids to get out of the street because a car is coming. You might have something to do or decided this isn’t your taste and walk away and I get that.

America has always been ruthlessly on opposing sides. White and everybody else they steal from and oppress. Now, white people have been insidiously genius at making sure poor whites and white women like me toe the line (why is this not, “tow the line”? Why did someone not check with me on this?). The murderous severity with which white people established the game for money and power and the rules to play it by is the story of our country.

There are times people who do not share the racial and ethnic and sexual and religious and gender social designations of the rule-makers decide they want to play the game and follow the rules to advance. It can be hard to know when to check your judgment and ire, so quick and hot and human. Tip: It’s best to save your fire and daggers for those who set and enforce the rules of the game.

It’s 2021. We are witnessing how this game and these rules are bringing our country and the people in it low. Like, apolocyptically, democracy-cancelling low.

It turns out, white supremacy is not a good business plan in the long-term.

So, now we’re divying up. Fast and hard. Dividing the nation. It’s painful. White fams are going down the toilet on the regular.


Fuck your breaking bread bullshit. I got babies to raise and don’t want ’em round Klueless Klux Klan Kids.

We are not dividing on the line between the right and left, red and blue, Repub and Dem. The white people of America are dividing.

Some people who have long subscribed to the game and the rules are saying, Fuck this game. Fuck these rules. I’m out. It’s time for a new way and a new day.

That’s your division.

There was a big, huge group of white people. And there was a much smaller group of people who weren’t white, Christian, hetero, cis male and didn’t get to play the game. Now, that big group of white people is getting smaller, more people realizing this game is truly rigged for only the very, very few. More and more white people are defecting. More and more people of color are coming into power.

That’s your division.

It’s a volatile moment. Pregnant with possibility. But you gotta keep your eyes open. Your heart soft and quiet, listening and learning. This is where I struggle.

America that **isn’t divided** is an America where white people make the game and set the rules and everyone says, That’s okay, where do I sign up? Everyone tucks their tail and accepts their fate and lets The Man stay The Man. That’s a unified America. A tacit, placid, dickhole America, pillaging and rampaging the whole world to make a few white men richer and more powerful.

I want no part.

I want the divided America where one side is: the white supremacist, conspiracy-theorist, profit-over-everything, greedy, money-grubbing, social-climbing, selfish, insular, covid-is-a-hoax, Neo-liberal, healthcare-isn’t-a-right, evangelical, women-can’t-control-their-bodies, intolerant, anti-democratic, gun-humping, militarized police-force, Fox-watching cynical opportunists — the Josh Hawleys and Ted Cruzes and Marco Rubios.

It can be hard — especially for white people — because it’s weird, but a lot of times they look just like us. And they’re in our families and coach little league teams and are our good friend’s new husband and a local realtor and our coworkers. Every day life is not so binary. But it’s becoming more so.

On the other side is the rest of us. All of us. More than them. More by a long shot. We sometimes sort ourselves into groups, but a common thread keeps us on the other side of the white supremacists. A common thread that is calling to more and more people all the time.

It is deep and hard and long and painful to remake the game and remake the rules so that everyone gets to play. We won’t agree. We will fight. Forging a better world is no picnic. We’re all human and fallible and fighting evolutionary impulses that trigger us to kill each other over breakfast. So, you know, it’s not easy.

But I know what team I’m on. I know what team I’m raising my kids to be on.

And if that means America is more divided than ever, good. We’re making progress.


Completely inappropriate Suburban Mom in Dallas, TX reclaiming her political power and sass after a decade in the Gulags of baby-raising. Cheers.

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